Monte Pittman

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Monte Pittman
Monte Pittman

Guitarist for pop all star Madonna for over a decade, Monte has also recorded and toured with bands Myra Mains, Prong, and The Citizen Vein with American Idol singer Adam Lambert.

Monte currently is working on his 3rd solo record "M.P.3: The Power of Three" with Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen.

Here Monte shares with us his favorite five records.

Monte, what are your top fave 5 records which have
impacted you the most in your life musically or otherwise?

Vulgar Display of Power by PanteraVulgar Display of Power
by Pantera

When this album came out, things were never the same again as far as guitar sound and what a band is are concerned.

Pet Sounds by The Beach BoysPet Sounds
by The Beach Boys

Still to this day, this album takes you somewhere and is timeless.

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon
by Pink Floyd

There's just some magic going on in these recordings that make it one of my favorite all time albums.

Master of Puppets by MetallicaMaster of Puppets
by Metallica

When my cousin, Natalie, put this on and let me hear it for the first time I knew for sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

The Bends by RadioheadThe Bends
by Radiohead

Great band and great songs captured at a great peroid in time.

Thank you Monte for joining us! High-5!

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