Dani Macchi

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Guitarist Dani Macchi
Dani Macchi

Hailing from Rome, Italy, Dani Macchi is the co-founder and guitarist for rock group Belladonna.

In their career, Belladonna has released four studio albums to date, and have produced and released a short film entitled Black Swan in 2005.

Here, Dani shares with us his top 5 favorite records.

Dani, what are your top fave 5 records which have
impacted you the most in your life musically or otherwise?

IV by Led ZeppelinIV
by Led Zeppelin

We all remember the first time we heard "Stairway To Heaven": it's the Kennedy moment of Rock'n'Roll and we all remember where we were when it happened. I do too, of course. And that mind-blowing sensation has never ever left me.

This album taught me that Music can change your Life.

The Piano by Michael NymanThe Piano
by Michael Nyman

One of the biggest thrills and honors of my musical life was collaborating with Michael Nyman (on the Belladonna song "Let There Be Light", co-written with Nyman and where he plays piano himself). "The Piano" soundtrack is in my opinion one of the greatest works of Art of the 20th century.

This album taught me that Music can make your Spirit fly.

Desire by Bob DylanDesire
by Bob Dylan

The first Dylan album I discovered. Deeply personal, deeply mystical, deeply true. And it contains "Sara", the deepest love song of all time.

This album taught me that Music can tell your real and your imaginary story at the same time.

The Hounds Of Love by Kate BushThe Hounds Of Love
by Kate Bush

A true music genius at her most visionary. A supernatural, allegorical, esoteric trip from Fear to Hope.

This album taught me that Music cant tell your most hidden and forbidden secrets.

I Am A Bird by Antony and The JohnsonsI Am A Bird
by Antony and The Johnsons

One of the very few truly awe-inspiring albums of the last 30 years. A masterpiece of intimacy, delicateness, romanticism, erotism. Never has the hunger of transcending our human condition to discover our true self been put into Music in such an emotionally eloquent and elegant fashion.

This album taught me that Music can make you become who you really are.

Thank you Dani for joining us! High-5!

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