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This section of Guitarhoo offers interesting interviews with musical artists from a variety of styles and genres, re-capturing their favorite top 5 albums which influenced them to be the musicians they are today.

    Dani Macchi
    Rocking Europe for over 10 years, guitarist and founding member of Italian rock band Belladonna, Dani Macchi takes some time out and revisits his favorite five records which have impacted him...

    Will Wallner
    Previous member of metal group White Wizzard and co-founder of Will Wallner and Vivien Vain, heavy and melodic guitarist Will Wallner shares his top 5 favorite albums which have impacted him ...

    Jared James Nichols
    Raw and raucous blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, Jared James Nichols takes out some time with us to share his top favorite five records which have influenced him the most in life and a...

    Stuart Smith
    Guitarist and founding member of rock group Heaven and Earth, Stuart Smith has had a career in music spanning four decades. Here, Stuart shares his top favorite five records which have impact...

    Jon Herington
    A solo artist who has released five records to date, Jon Herington is also the touring and recording session guitarist for Steely Dan, The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue, Boz Scaggs and seve...

    Michael Atonal Vick
    A connoisseur of fretless guitar, Michael Vick has released over 12 albums, has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and hosts the "New York Fretless Guitar Festival" featuring a variety o...

    Bryan Beller
    Versatile bass guitarist, solo artist and member of power trio The Aristocrats and heavy metal group Dethklok, Bryan Beller reviews his top 5 favorite records which have impacted him the most...

    Paul Quinn
    Paul Quinn is the lead guitarist and founding member of UK heavy metal group Saxon. Saxon has released over 40 records, 8 dvd videos and have toured the world over several times. Here Paul r...

    Monte Pittman
    Monte Pittman has toured and recorded with Madonna for over a decade. He has also been in the bands Myra Mains, Prong, and The Citizen Vein with American Idol singer Adam Lambert. With a new...

    Paul Dean
    Paul Dean is the guitarist and founding member for Canadian classic rock band Loverboy. Loverboy has won 9 JUNO awards and has toured extensively with Journey, Pat Benatar, KISS, Def Leppard...

    Stevie Salas
    Stevie Salas has released over 20 records in his solo career with his band "Color Code". With a blister funk rock style Stevie has worked with numerous musicians including George Clinton, Mi...

    K.K. Downing
    Guitarist K.K. Downing, formerly of Judas Priest, recalls his top favorite 5 records which have impacted him the most as a musician.

    Dave Meniketti
    Dave Meniketti, a solo artist and founder of Bay Area rock band Y&T, takes out some time to highlight his top 5 favorite records which have impacted him the most in life.

    Johannes Linstead
    Johannes Linstead is a solo artist of Spanish styled and Latin American Flamenco instrumental music. He was named "Guitarist of the Year" in 2007 by Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards and also ear...

    Steve Lynch
    Formerly lead guitarist for pop metal band Autograph, Steve has also written 3 books teaching the 8-finger fretboard tapping technique, entitled "The Right Touch I, II and III" and works as a...

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