Seven Thorns - Liberty by Erik Steen

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BUY THE ALBUM HERE: First video of the new SEVEN THORNS album 'Return to the Past'. Seven Thorns is power metal in purest style, catchy melodies, fast guitars and blasting drums are the key components on Return to the Past. Seven Thorns is aiming for the stars, with the awesome lead guitarist of At Vance, a giant within the power metal genre. Olaf Lenk, features on one of the certain hits, "Liberty", with a frightening fast guitar solo. Many of the keyboard parts were played by the very skilled Mikkel Henderson (Fate, Evil Masquerade). And the icing on top is Mastering by the legendary, Danish power metal producer, Tommy Hansen. This album will definitely fall into the taste of any metal or rock lover. You will scream along on the epic choruses and blistering guitar solos! Members Lars "Laske" Borup -- Drums, backing vocals (ex-Illnath) Gabriel Tuxen -- Lead guitar, backing vocals Christian B. Strojer -- Lead guitar, backing vocals Nicolaj Marker -- Bass, backing vocals Mik Holm -- Backing vocals, composer Asger W. Nielsen -- keyboard, backing vocals Erik "EZ" Blomkvist -- vocals (studio and live) Mikkel Henderson -- Keyboards (guest musician, Fate, Evil Masquerade) Olaf Lenk -- guest musician/ guitar solo on the song "Liberty" from "Return to the Past" (At Vance) Tracks 1. Liberty (4:47) 2. End of the Road (4:40) 3. Through the Mirror (4:26) 4. Freedom Call (4:18) 5. Countdown (5:02) 6. Forest Majesty (4:08) 7. Spread Your Wings (5:23) 8. Fires and...

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Artist: Erik Steen
Video title: Seven Thorns - Liberty
Category: Flamenco

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