Cocaine Blues by Davey Graham

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The correct title for this is "Cocaine" - but I didn't want to confuse it with the better-known classic by JJ Cale. It goes back to the Reverend Gary Davis, but I'm playing around with the Davy Graham version from the "Folk, Blues and Beyond" album. It's basically a simple 8-bar blues with a 4-bar middle theme, but Davy's chords - particularly those running from F, Fdim, C, Am, D9 and G7 - give the impression of a separate bass voice. I've posted free, simple tab for this on my website at: Ifyou like DIY music and good companionship, why not take a look at the "Front Porch" discussion board. You can find it at: Our only rule is Respect each other.

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Artist: Davey Graham
Video title: Cocaine Blues
Category: Country & Folk

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