slow ride by Dave Peverett

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Esse vídeo e pra pessoas que curtem foghat ea musica slow ride. Foghat began their career in 1971 as a bunch of rather unpretentious young Brits with an affection for American blues and '50s rock 'n' roll. By the middle of the decade, they had evolved into a major touring and recording act, playing a pumped-up brand of boogie-rock to arena-size audiences. Their looks grew flashier, their sound fattened and filled out, yet the roots-rock core of the band remained ever-present under the surface. From the viewpoint of certain critics, Foghat unduly compromised their early blues-based approach in orderto reap commercial rewards. Certainly, their mid-'70s hits ("Slow Ride," "Drivin' Wheel," "Stone Blue") were not aimed at the rock purists of the world. But it's also true that they continued to record traditional blues and R&B material throughout their years with Bearsville Records. In fact, Foghat's final albums on Bearsville reaffirmed their love for unadulterated, primal American music. Lonesome Dave Peverett (lead vocals, guitar), Rod Price (lead guitar), Tony Stevens (bass), and Roger Earl (drums) all came out of the vital, close-knit London blues scene of the '60s. Peverett (born in 1943) first gained attention as leader of The Cross Ties Blues Band, then served a stint with Swiss rock group Les Questions. From there, he returned to Britain and joined Savoy Brown, who had already established themselves with their "Shake Down" album. As Savoy Brown's rhythm guitarist and...

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Artist: Dave Peverett
Video title: slow ride
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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