Foghat It's Hurts Me Too Two Centuries Of Boogie Parte 2 by Dave Peverett

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Visita: Foghat - It's Hurts Me Too. Lonesome Dave Peverett Rod Price Tony Stevens Roger Earl (Whoo. We're going to go back to the blues now. Back to where we used to play the rib joints in London, London England, yes. Many years ago that's where we started out. We started out listening to the blues, American blues. Mainly from Chicago and Mississippi. The real, the real blues... Muddy Waters and Elmore James. And all the greats, John Lee Hooker, etcetera. And we ah, three of us actually ended up in a band called Savoy Brown Which is, yes! With Mr. Kim Simmonds, who is still going strong. But we left that band. A little sad, we bid a sad farewell. We didn't know what was going to happen in the future. But we did alright, 'cause about 1972 the first Foghat album came out. And we do have all the original members of Foghat on stage for you this evening. I'd like to introduce them to you, one by one... We have on the bass guitar, the best dressed man in rock&roll... The notorious Mr. Tony Stevens! And we have his loud friend, beatin' the shit out of his drum kit tonight. Bashin' 'em hard, Mr. [????] himself, Mr. loud... Mr. Roger Earl! And we have, in the danger zone, he's smoking tonight! He's hazardous! His fingers are on fire! On lead and slide guitar, the best in the business, Mr. Rod Price!) You said you were hurtin', almost lost your mind, The man you love, he hurts you all the time. When things go wrong, so wrong with you, It hurts me...

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Artist: Dave Peverett
Video title: Foghat It's Hurts Me Too Two Centuries Of Boogie Parte 2
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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