Gibson EH-185 Amplifier - Vintage Pre War Gibson Amp demo by Charlie Christian

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Gibson eh-185 Amplifier - Vintage Gibson Amp circa 1940-1942 This is the later model with only 1 single tone control, which most likely makes it an early 1940's model. It contains a Jensen R SERIES Field Coil Speaker. When plugged through the instrument inputs, you can get nice tones that were heard on early Jazz records such as the ones heard by Charlie Christian.&when plugged through the MIC input you get an extra bit of grit (distortion), and MUCH MORE me the MIC input is to die for, and this video cannot honestly represent the sound that you hear in person!!! I am using my 1999 Fiesta Red 62 Vintage Reissue American made Fender Stratocaster. This is perhaps not a proper demo, as much as it is just me trying different tone positions with different playing styles on this amplifier, so disregard any sloppy playing&the noodling :)

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Artist: Charlie Christian
Video title: Gibson EH-185 Amplifier - Vintage Pre War Gibson Amp demo
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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