Wild At Heart Series 5 Episode 5 Part 2 by Cal Collins

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Follow me on twitter www.twitter.com and my other twitter account... www.twitter.com :) *I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO ITV TAKES ALL THE CREDIT* Info: Danny (Stephen Tompkinson) and Alice (Dawn Steele) are taking a well deserved mini break but Olivia (Olivia Scott-Taylor) is upset to learn they're leaving that day. Angry at missing out on a driving lesson, she decides to take the jeep out on her own. When she crashes it, none of the family believes her protests that it was an accident. Du Plessis (Deon Stewardson) makes Olivia ask Rowan (Cal Macaninch) and Vanessa (Mary-Anne Barlow) to lend Danny and Alice a jeep, which gives Rowan an idea. He sees an ideal opportunity to spend some romantic time with the oblivious Vanessa and decides that they'll come along too. As they all leave, Du Plessis introduces Olivia to the concept of brat camp. On the road, the group take a diversion and their vehicle gets damaged. There's worse in store when they discover a terrible accident up ahead. The driver of a crashed truck is dead and Susan (Vanessa Cooke), a tourist, has severe injuries. There's also a very angry lion which has escaped from its trailer in the accident. When the disorientated lion runs at Vanessa, Rowan heroically saves her showing himself in a new light. That night, Susan's son Michael (Antony Coleman) decides to go for help and a worried Rowan goes with him, but when they try to take a shortcut, Rowan falls down a rocky incline and is knocked unconscious. When Michael...

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Artist: Cal Collins
Video title: Wild At Heart Series 5 Episode 5 Part 2
Category: Jazz & Fusion

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