Bill Nelson 1995 Interview (Part 1) by Bill Nelson

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In May 1995, Bill Nelson embarked on a rare tour to promote his CD "After The Satellite Sings." The tour included a handful of in-store performances and a series of interviews with various radio hosts. Audioscapes host Sal Espana was one of those fortunate few who got to sit down with the former Be Bop Deluxe front man. Even better, the next interviewer never showed, so Sal ended up talking with Bill for 80 minutes! Since YouTube limits video length to under 15 minutes, the interview has been edited into segments of various lengths to keep topic intact. Also, please note: It was rather warm that May afternoon, necessitating the opening of windows to cool off the hotel room, which, unfortunately also allowed the Sunset Blvd. traffic noise to intrude. But hey, it's Bill Nelson! In Part 1, Bill discusses his family life, his home studio, surrealism, and alchemy.

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Artist: Bill Nelson
Video title: Bill Nelson 1995 Interview (Part 1)
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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