Vicente Amigo (born 1967, Guadalcanal) is a Spanish flamenco guitarist, singer and composer. He was raised in Cordoba where he studied guitar playing, most famously under Manolo Sanlúcar, a renowned flamenco guitarist with whom he worked for ten years. Amigo gained high regard in the flamenco scene at a relatively young age. He is considered by many the crown prince of the great flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía, who is considered the father of modern flamenco guitar playing.

Amigo has developed a unique style of playing, distinct for his alented and large use of picado, a rapid alteration between the index and middle fingers. He tends to mix traditional flamenco playing, as well as flamenco cante (singing), palmas (clapping), and jaleos (shouting), with modern sounds (many of which are distinctly Amigo's creations) and elements of fusion. This leaves feelings about him in the flamenco world divided, with purists decrying his straying from "true flamenco", and a more forward-looking audience enjoying his innovations.


1991 - De Mi Corazón Al Aire
1995 - Vivencias Imaginadas
1997 - Poeta
2000 - Ciudad de Las Ideas
2003 - Canto
2005 - Un momento en el sonido
2009 - Paseo De Gracia
2013 - Tierra

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