There are, at least, four artists known as Belladonna.

1) A DJ / producer from Perugia, Italy, aka Maurizio Belladonna. He can be defined as a pioneer DJ in the field of dance music, where since latest 70's he worked in, playing in many small clubs in Perugia until arriving to work in a famous dance club, where he played from 1975 to 1998 funky, disco and afro music, influencing the formation of many famous house music DJ's. In 1998 he understood that he was having enough of that "contaminated" ambient, and so he decided to work by himself opening a recording studio and putting into music his idea of dance philosophy. Two years later his first album Housin' Paradise was printed and published by Irma Records, having a certain success and opening for Maurizio many new opportunities to work as a DJ also playing in many foreign countries. His sets range across tribal trance, nu house & nu jazz. Other albums include: Midnight House (2000) & Inspirational Grooves (2003). Official site:

2) An Italian rock noir band, formed Rome, Italy (Feb 2005). The members are, co-founders Luana (lead vocals) & Dani (guitar), plus Alice (piano), Tam (bass) & Alex (drums). Their début album, Metaphysical Attraction, may have defined a new genre - rocknoir.

Exploring such themes as murder, mystery, reincarnation & magic - they found a fan base on In 2005, the band was receiving thousands of plays, on their MySpace player, per day. By 2006, they were the most played unsigned Italian band, on MySpace.

In 2007, two tracks from their début album - Black Swan & Foreverland - were nominated for Grammy Awards 2008, both for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals (category 16). In addition, “Foreverland” was also nominated in Best Rock Song (category 20). Official site: http://Belladonna.TV

3) The name used for the solo work of ex-Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna. Joey is well known for vocal range which has similarities to Steve Perry of Journey. This band continued the thrash & heavy metal sound that played with Anthrax, but with another concepts and lyrical themes.

Joey released four albums as Belladonna: Belladonna (1995 - backing inc: Darin Scott w/ guitar, Joe Andrews credited as bassist but did not perform on the recording Scott Schroeter w/ drums), Spells of Fear (1998 - backing inc' Peter Scheithauer w/ guitar, Fleisch w/ bass & Stet Howland w/ drums), 03 (2003 - co-written by Matt Zuber on lead / rhythm / bass guitars & Joey Belladonna w/ drums), Artifacts I and Artifacts II (2004 - originally recorded in 1993 - backing inc' Paul Crook w/ guitar, Paul Mocci w/ bass & Jeff Tortora w/ drums - The tracks are demo versions for Belladonna album recorded in 1992). Some songs are previously unreleased. Official site:

4) A rock band from Sweden. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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