Andreas Paolo Perger (a/d/i)
Guitar, Improvisation, Composition
Munich/ Vienna/ Berlin/ Bolzano

*1970 Munich
Berklee College Boston/ Conservatory Munich with Barbara Probst-Polasek,
Master Courses with Joe Pass, Mike Stern, John Scofield, John McLaughlin,
Evan Parker, Frederic Rzewski, Wolfgang Stryi/ Ensemble Modern
Free studies in music and art
Important encounters

Work in residence New York - CD "Big City" ("Highly recommendable" March 1999 Akustik Gitarre)
"Newcomer of the Year 1997" - Süddeutschen Zeitung, Project funding Franz Grothe Stiftung/
Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and Art / Austrian Ministry for Foreign
Affairs/ Pajunk Communication Frankfurt/ Wildfeuer Consulting Munich/
Austrian Cultural Forum Prague

11 "CD Series" (Fenn Music/ Hamburg)
5.1 surround guitar (Stevens Guitars 1998/ Huber Amps 2007)
First 5.1 surround guitar concert (Tube/ BR2 Radio/ Munich 2002)
"Lab Series" 6 room-related and/ or interactive compositions in
various constellations, a.o. with Adrian Brendel, Leipziger Streichquartett
"Cinema Series" 6 room-related compositions for video, electronic and guitar
"Internet Series" 3 x interactive for several players and autoresponder
3 variations for guitar, video, and small hand-recording-device
"Orchester Series" 9 works for orchester
Phonomontage Lindo Records/ Vienna

"The six keys of the cassette recorder"
>play vol.1 - vol.4 program cycle for varying improvising ensemble (Transart/ Bolzano)
<> pieces for concert guitar and mp3 compressor (eMail)
[ ] stop 1h for 35 musicians and audience
o record concert for 5.1 surround guitar (Tonspur_live/ Vienna, Institut Intermédií/ Prague)
|| pause concert for concert guitar (Music Academy Wroclaw)

Free musical speech, The sculptural aspect of sound, Stylistic reinstrumentalization of electronic
perception-manipulation-aesthetic after 1970, Playing technique for surround guitar, Music
in capitalistic democracies, Music in the age of digital revolution, Multi-perspective music

Concerts a.o.
Music Academy Wroclaw, A-Trane Berlin, Bach-Night Zeche Zollverein Essen,
International Festival Jazz at the Danube/ Live-recording/ BR - CD "Ethnomorphocology"
("German guitar scenes carrier of hope" September 2000 Jazzpodium), International Festival
of Concert Guitar Nysa, Elmau Castle, Arri Cinema Munich, Top Kino Vienna, Porgy & Bess Vienna,
BR2 Radio/ Neue Musikzeitung, Tube Munich, International Festival of contemporary art and music
Transart Bolzano, NBI Berlin, Aquarium Munich, eigenArt Gallery Landshut, Pich Gallery Munich,
Tonspur_live/ MQ Vienna, Schwere Reiter Munich, Institut Intermédií Prague

played with Franz Hautzinger, Helge Hinteregger, Renald Deppe, Sebastiano Tramontana,
Gunter Pretzel, Werner Hofmeister, Klaus Janek, Joe Pass, Mike Stern, Adrian Brendel,
Leipziger Streichquartett, Gunnar Geisse, Leo Gmelch, Adrian Pereyra, Michael Büttler,
Christofer Varner, Johanna Varner, Sunk Pöschl, Georg Karger, Juergen Berlackovich,
Peter Szely

Studio-guitar for Film and Television ORF/ ARD/ EMI Records
Soundtracks for art-videos (a.o. Media Art Festival Osnabrück, Art Cinema/ Art Frankfurt,
"Left a good job in the city"/ Care of/ Milano, "VIDEO.IT" Torino)

"Master on six strings an in all styles"
(May 1996 Süddeutsche Zeitung)
"Trump card in European Jazz"
(June 1999 Frankfurter Neue Presse)
"Black crosser, not fitting in any kind of current drawers"
(May 2000 Neue Ruhr Zeitung)
"Awarded and celebrated classical player, jazzer, improviser and crossover-specialist"
(May 2001 Münchner Merkur)
"...real guitarero, who has no other choice than playing"
(October 2001 Walliser Bote)
" extraordinary art performance is hiding behind that"
(June 2001 Abendzeitung München)
"The man, who invented the 5.1 surround guitar, gives a completely new space feeling."
(March 2007 Süddeutsche Zeitung Extra)
"..., fascinating worlds of sound."
(July 2007 Münchner Merkur)

"...everything other than all too familiar classic jazz reeking of commercialism,
instead a truly interesting, individual and new focus on the merging
of these basically entirely different music styles. Top class!"
(Akustik Gitarre 1999 about CD Visions in Multitrack)

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