King Diamond - SwedenRock Press Conference June 8, 2012 by Andy LaRocque

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King Diamond - SwedenRock Press Conference June8, 2012: King says the show at Sweden Rock will be biggest production ever. New songs/record? King: "Not quite YET"....‎Andy LaRocque says it's good to be back doing what he loves. King: "It's difficult to talk about reunions of Mercyful Fate as there's been so many line-ups. King: "You will be surprised [with the show] tomorrow" King: "It's sad when people kill for their religion...people try and force it down people's throats. People can believe what they want, but keep it to yourself." Final question: "Plans to write a book about your life"? King: "maybe someday, there's a lot of interesting stories...maybe a tape recorder, many bottles of wine and get it all on tape. There's so many stories, not just music..."

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Video Details

Artist: Andy LaRocque
Video title: King Diamond - SwedenRock Press Conference June 8, 2012
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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