Blue Oyster Cult Live in Toronto 7/4/1989: "ASTRONOMY" by Allen Lanier

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Here is the alternate version of ASTRONOMY that they did for their 1988 album, IMAGINOS. This was one of the only things I have not posted yet from this dvd and I had promised myself that I wouldn't due to my source for the vid and request that it not ever be tossed onto the trade circuit. I will see how fans react to this over the next couple of weeks...if it has only a handful of views at that point, I might just remove it or keep it as a Private post for certain fans that I know who'll savor it. I personally like the original version better. Buck Dharma sings lead here, giving it a more mystical, relaxing tone... I always wished that the they kept the relentless jam at the end, as I am so accustomed to experiencing it when indulging in this particular tune. The cam is plugged into the soundboard, so Buck's guitar is in the forefront and sounds amazing! I liked this lineup, too. They played a nice variety of old BOC jams and switched some songs nightly, making for fresh surprises whenever they played. My fave lineup ( that i personally saw in concert) was with Bloom, Dharma, Joe Bouchard, Alan Lanier, and Rick Downey, back in the early to mid 80's. They Kicked-Ass(tronomy)!!!!! ( note: I also think the current lineup is top notch and recaptures much of the 80's BOC sound..I just wish they would work on more obscure numbers, like this troop you're watching right now. This lineup was really good. It was great to see them in smallish clubs, like this . all BOC...

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Artist: Allen Lanier
Video title: Blue Oyster Cult Live in Toronto 7/4/1989: "ASTRONOMY"
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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