Up the Irons (An Epic Hymn to Iron Maiden) Part #1 by Adrian Smith

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This is the first third (!) of this epic tribute to Iron Maiden!!! Available for purchase at www.cdbaby.com for only $4.99 for the CD (which includes an instrumental version) You can also find it at Itunes, and Amazon: www.amazon.com Find us at www.theandric.com and like us at http Part #1 Lyrics: Let me tell you 'bout my favorite band They hail from England's green and pleasant land Six saintly shrouded men move across the stage They keep on forging metal despite their old age I will always praise them for their heavy metal hearts Even after they trade metal for a fleet of six golf carts Steve Harris had the vision and he writes those epic songs With sometimes too many words in the verse that makes it awkward to sing along His galloping magic fingers have no use for picks Some may say his bass playing is too high in the mix Writin', Leadin', Vision, plays a Fender bass! Writin', Leadin', STEVE!!! Writin', Leadin', Vision, his daughter's kinda hot! Writin', Leadin', WEST HAM UNITED!!! REPEAT THE CHORUS (6.66x) Bruce Dickinson is the greatest singer to ever walk the earth The day he was created was no "accident of birth" He's a licensed pilot who always flies first class He wrote the Chemical Wedding, that album kicks my ass Fencin', Flyin', Singin', Writin' funny books, Fencin', Flyin', BRUCE!!! Fencin', Flyin', Singin', Wearin' crazy pants! Fencin', Flyin', SCREAMIN'!!! (Soundclip: Bruce scream) REPEAT THE CHORUS (the eye of Horus) When Davey Murray plays guitar, he...

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Artist: Adrian Smith
Video title: Up the Irons (An Epic Hymn to Iron Maiden) Part #1
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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