Adrian Legg's - Queenie's Waltz on a free guitar by Adrian Legg

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The guitar is a Rogue RA-100D - free when I purchased a mandolin. A bit on the dull side with it's heavy laminated top and it sits on my porch all seasons with no temp / humi control and little in the way of string changes. It can not be tuned completely across the fretboard. The saddle is not compensated so intonations are the pits. Queenie's Waltz does not leave the first 5 frets for the most part so it's not a major issue. If Rogue took one more step by installing a compensated saddle it would be an insane value. I believe sometimes this guitar sells for as little as $40ish and as in my case was free with the purchase of something else. CNC machines have taken cheap guitars a long way. Years ago a 40 buck guitar was not even playable (at least out of the box unless you got lucky). I'd say this guitar is better than any Taylor because it can also double nicely as a weapon, floatation device, or snack table. And as a floatation device, I'm sure the top would not crack and/or split for months in the water. That could be a real lifesaver. :-)

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Artist: Adrian Legg
Video title: Adrian Legg's - Queenie's Waltz on a free guitar
Category: Country & Folk

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