Tool "Vicarious" Guitar Lesson by Adam Jones

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Join Greg's Axe of Creation Live Online Private and Group Classes every week at: This special edition of the Axe of Creation is in response to many subscribers, whom after watching my Adam Jones lesson; wanted to know what I knew about TooL's Vicarious. Done and done was the answer, we love TooL here at Axe and hope you enjoy this lesson. Technically speaking Vicarious is no harder than any other Adam Jones composition BUT variation wise it can get a taxing on the memory with all the slight variations and fills that are thrown in. Let this be a lesson to all you Axers out there, I encourage anyone and everyone to send in inquiries about lesson topics and songs. I will always get to everyone's request as soon as humanly possible. Thank you and keep em' comin, so we can stay slayin!

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Video Details

Artist: Adam Jones
Video title: Tool "Vicarious" Guitar Lesson
Category: Rock & Heavy Metal

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